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Dabei seit: 11.11.2013
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Opportunity came, I immediately shouted out: "Eternal Warrior series brothers,Lowest Louis Vuitton T Shirt, we listen to my orders, ready to charge!"
therefore still within the walls of the players or set up, the eternal one branch of the Lord will add up to the number of three hundred thousand, of which there are more than twenty thousand soldiers based players, and have a ride on the horse, LV Monogram Canvas in front of battle, we are basically hang remote occupation, soldiers Louis Vuitton Siracusa based players also preserved, then the Department of gamers play these warriors!
city wide open, the eternal knights began to punch out, so need a strong cavalry charge led shock, while the other attacks will become the first of the point, so I doing my red in the top!
"eternal cavalry, red!"
hoofs suddenly sounded, a large number of cavalry from Grand Cayman resident rushed out the door, such as a flood rushed into the camp siege coalition among professional players remotely on the wall for a time also sent the strongest firepower We!
air wing of a bird fluttering wings of fire laid a sea of ​​flames, burned in front of the players before the outside and tender inside, a small purple patch Louis Vuitton Luggage under a meteorite storm, instant seconds one!
Cavalry Regiment took LV Monogram Idylle the opportunity and rushed out, I rushed in the front,Cheap Louis Vuitton Scarf Outlet, the mighty Fire LV Cosmic Blossom Dragon leopard, chest pierce the tip directly in front of a cavalry horse chest, then suddenly wail loudly from the horse cavalry into Louis Vuitton Evora infantry, then BLAZING leopard directly Zhuangfei!
"Dark Jian Qi!"
remote skill open, the crowd float a white light!
this time the crowd coldest funeral flowers Soul loudly: "archers, dizziness arrows!"
then filled the vertigo shot arrows at us down,Fashion Louis Vuitton Zippy Wallet, locked in almost all our goals in front of several people rushing head! If a few of us were dizzy, the whole cavalry charge bound formation chaos, and several of our other players do not like attack power and resistance, LV Cosmic Blossom the effect will be lowered charge!
"rain, with the turbulence chop!"
drizzle nodded, waved his spear violently against the air, out of a road shock airflow instantly midair stun arrows to blow open! Shooting arrows should consider wind direction and speed of the problem, but the weather has always been good creation, so this point is to give the players ignored! But it is for the pursuit of precision Joe is apparently the weather and wind direction and speed is obviously a great influence, and sometimes even Joe can use the wind to increase attack range, though much improved, but it is also the embodiment of Louis Vuitton Siracusa strength!
half empty vertigo arrow was blown open, suddenly spike et al Dengyuan eyes, not far from the bloody battle Warriors, who also swore loudly: "I rely on!"
"Cavalry LV Mahina Leather players lined up to me with a defensive posture, can not let them rushing!"
So quickly, in front of a large gathering of the cavalry, I look closely, all the gods guild of players, this guild master in his own town to fight at every turn, a collection of speed is also trained quite fast, I Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Canvas Alma N53151 am afraid Eternity can not match!
those moments cavalry lined up several rows, and have based defensive posture, cavalry player itself schistosomiasis have advantages, coupled with defensive posture,Popular Louis Vuitton Speedy For Sale, you want to break through the defense of the cavalry, no superior impact estimate is not enough!
if placed in three days, I might think that timeless does not break like the cavalry rushing defense, but now,Cheap Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Canvas, I am very confident cavalry eternity!
big Heliaoyisheng, I began to accelerate,Nice Louis Vuitton Mahina Leather, and the players behind me began to speed up the pace, we should take the strongest attack to penetrate this layer of defense!
gods in the eyes of the players reveal disdain, probably in the days of City of Fantasy, even the shadow of the chaos in Iraq no law cavalry penetrate this defense, so they were quite proud of, but today met eternity, I would that ye may know What some people outside there is day as people!More Related Articles:

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